Sunday, November 21, 2010

Video (English Version): What Really Happened in Laayoune, Western Sahara - Nov. 8, 2010


  1. On October 9, 2010 residents of Laayoune, Morocco began setting up a protest site in the desert east of the city. The protests were for additional housing and job opportunities to accommodate the growing population. Pro-Polisario provocateurs soon infiltrated the demonstration site to "hijack" the protest. The protest had nothing to do with Polisario demands for independence. Once the provocateurs began intimidate and threaten the peaceful protesters, Moroccan authorities decided to dismantle the protest site before the circumstances deteriorated further. In the early morning of November 8, 2010, Moroccan police authorities, carrying only non-lethal weapons, sought to peacefully dismantle the protest site.

    This video contains images of the police intervention from cameras carried by Moroccan authorities and a confiscated camera phone.

    The images are extremely graphic and gruesome.

  2. Algeria and Spain must understand that for Moroccan people: Sahara was and always be their mother land, neither the king, nor Moroccan people, the political parties, the Parliament and civil society are welling to give it up. Because Morocco has the right to free it land from Spain and also put end the last two colonies in Africa Seta and Melilla in the north of Morocco . We don’t want another Afghanistan in South of Morocco .Al-Qaida can not wait to see that happened. Beside the Western countries should think very carefully about the stability in the region not cheap Fertilizer supplies for their nuke stations. Lets not let bunch of people (around 30000) destabilize the whole region including Southern European countries. What about oil prices? Shipping cost? Morocco has done very well by given The Sahraouian their Autonomy and be financially independent from Algeria Mafia. Algeria is dreaming to see another Estate created in Southern of Morocco it will not work. It will serve only the generals of Algeria.